Trading education

TradeNet Conulting offers seminars relating to the different stock markets, in particular the US markets. We concern ourselves with stocks, ETF's and Futures, as well as options.

We train thereby mainly the basics that you need as an active trader and show how to cope with troubles of daily trading.

Our seminars include hardware, software, the markets, how to scan the markets for valuable information, orderrouting, different trading platforms and how to use them, as well as risk- and moneymanagement in particular.

  • Traders Evolution Program (TEP)
  • Live trading
  • Software courses

  • Additional Service

    Trendmove - latest news for Traders

    Trendmove is a service offering news, where D. Wormstall posts his daily trades in real-time.

    This sevice is available for all of our customers with a 50% rebate.

    You can also choose to use it as seperate offer.


    Certainly we have a list of recommended literature available for you to build your road to success.